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The development of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) has revolutionized the security camera industry.    Today, the typical digital video hard drive can store several months of digital video on a recording device the size of the standard VCR.   Remarkably, the quality of the video is superb.   The film quality today is nothing like the “grainy”, “sketchy” video from the old time lapsed VCR tapes that needed to be regularly swapped out every 8 to 12 hours.  Today, DVR picture quality and programming is user friendly and allows automatic overwrite after a given time period so there is no more swapping old tapes for new ones.    Perhaps the most important advancement is in the cost.  The ability to mass produce the high capacity DVR chip has brought the price down to the point that this technology is affordable to everyday residential and commercial consumers.

The typical DVR not only serves as a massive storage device for digital video, but it also allows the user to access the video over the internet on a real time basis.  Consumers need nothing more than internet access in order to observe live feeds of streaming video at their residence or business.  The DVR and security camera systems allow live play back from remote locations while simultaneously recording all video at the site. 

The sophistication and quality of the video has also been greatly improved due to technological advances in surveillance cameras.   The wide variety of security cameras available allows residential and commercial consumers to use the technology in ways that fit their specific objectives.  Security and surveillance cameras work extremely well in low light and even “no light” with infrared technology.   And they can be hidden!!


Covert video and Nanny Cams are becoming more and more popular due to recent news stories that have documented abusive and criminal behavior from childcare and elderly care providers.   With the covert video systems which can be hidden in the home and also accessed and/or viewed remotely, parents can now have peace of mind in knowing the kind of care their child is receiving? 

Covert cameras and video also allow homeowners the opportunity to view what the house keeper is up to during the day while the homeowner is away.  Is the house keeper watching soap operas, going through drawers, trying on clothes or stealing jewelry? 
Covert Video Cameras come in many shapes and disguises.

Security Camera Systems and Covert Camera installation can be a simple job taking only a few hours or a large project involving several installers and taking several days.   The installation process can be the most critical part of the job.  Most CCTV system failures are due to cabling and wiring problems.  It is critical to use an experienced and certified installer so that the job gets done right the first time. 

Although these DVR / CCTV systems are very user friendly, it is critical that the network is set up and connected to the internet correctly in order to enable a reliable remote viewing experience.  Our installers understand the technical aspects of the job and are able to articulate those aspects to our customers in a way that makes viewing the digital video easy.  We offer a tutorial to all our clients and we are there to answer all their questions once the system is installed. 

The climate in San Diego, Ca. is typically mild year round.   Understanding the climate and knowing how and where to run cables and PVC piping is important when installing Security Camera Systems in San Diego.   Our technicians and installers are familiar with the way houses, warehouses and office buildings are constructed in San Diego County and throughout Southern California.  Familiarity with the climate and construction industry is a definite asset in the security camera business in San Diego.
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