There are many reasons why someone may need to locate another.  Family members often want to find a loved one who they’ve lost contact with.  Others want to know what happened to a long lost high school friend or sweet-heart.  Still,  other clients need to locate someone who owes them money and for legal reasons such as witness location or process serving.  Whatever your reason may be for needing to locate a person we have the experience needed to get the job done. 

Western Investigations specializes in locating those difficult to find individuals who have slipped off the radar map in recent months or years.  We use a combination of database searches and our expert knowledge of analyzing and cross-referencing the information to help us find our subject. 

One of the benefits of using Western Investigations to locate someone is that you will be able to speak to a live person (a professional) who will work with you  in trying to find the subject.  In most cases, the client has vital information that will assist the private investigator in identifying and locating the target or missing person.  As results come in, our office staff will communicate with you in order to assist us in refining the search results and narrowing our possible subject list down to as few as possible. 
There are two stages of any locate investigation; the Search Stage and the Verification Stage
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We find people in San Diego because we are in San Diego.

Locate investigations, skip tracing, and finding missing persons in San Diego is a unique process.  It is imperative that the consumer use a local investigator who is familiar with San Diego County and has the experience to find the missing person in this one of a kind geographical area.  First hand knowledge of San Diego County and the residential and corporate areas is critical to finding the missing person or identifying a good address on a person who has “skipped” town (skip tracing).   Knowing where someone may own or rent property and having personal contacts and sources at vital county agencies can make the difference in the case. 

San Diego, Ca. presents some unique challenges to locating individuals.  The big, nationwide investigation firms could never provide the level of service and quick field response turnaround time that is frequently necessary when conducting a locate investigation. 
Search Stage:

The first phase (search stage) involves processing the ‘known information” that has been provided to us by the client through several different public and non-public databases.  Knowing what searches to run and in what order can make a huge difference in obtaining the correct search results.  Sometimes our clients only have a first name and an age range of our subject.  Other times the client may have the maiden name and an old address or simply the general geographical area where the missing person once resided.   The known information provided by the client varies from case to case, but regardless of what information we have to start with, we run it through specialized databases the will generally produce a list of possibilities.  Once we have the initial search results, we then run more searches in order to cross reference some of the results with other databases that provide detail such as birth dates or family members so that we can “refine” the results and narrow down our list of possibilities even more.
Verification Stage:

The verification stage is very straight forward.  Based on the results of the search stage of the locate investigation, we attempt to verify which address or addresses are good.  In order to do this, we use two primary methods. Physical visits to the location to observe vehicle license plates and discrete door knocks or accessing sources with information pertaining to the utility accounts at the address.  The methods used to verify that we have a good address are solid and once again, we keep the lines of communication open with the client in order to make sure that the information coming back to us is consistent with what they already know about the person we are trying to locate.

At some point our list of possible candidates is narrowed down to a number that we can deal with.  In many cases we feel confident that we’ve located our subject based on the results of the Search Stage.  If this is the case, then the information is provided to the client and the locate investigation is concluded.  However, in many cases, the list of possible addresses can only be narrowed down to 4 or 5 and we’re not 100% certain if we have a confirmed address.  This leads to the second stage.
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“Visiting the neighborhood to verify the locate  information is a critical part of finding people during a locate investigation.”
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