Keeping open lines of communication between the client and the investigator is critical to the success of spousal investigations.  We provide our clients with the cell number of the investigator in the field so that the customer is kept updated as to the ongoing status of the investigation. Our hourly rate is fair and reasonable and the client is made aware of exactly how much time has been put into the assignment as the case progresses. 

We understand that the specific circumstances and objectives of each spousal investigation are unique. Our investigators are experienced professionals who know how to meet the specific objectives of each assignment. 

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The method of conducting domestic surveillance has greatly changed over the past few years due to the accessibility and affordability of GPS tracking.  It is safe to say the use of GPS tracking in conjunction with traditional surveillance methods has revolutionized the way cheating spouse investigations are conducted.  Because of GPS tracking, the risk of losing our subject or making them suspicious is virtually non-existent.  When we tail the target in a vehicle, we no longer have to worry about being right on their bumper to avoid losing them or possibly making them suspicious.  Another major benefit of using GPS with traditional surveillance is that you (the client) are involved in the investigation by having access to the website used for tracking your spouse on a real time basis.  You will know where your spouse eats lunch, stops on his/her way home from work or visits on the weekend. Perhaps the most important benefit to using GPS is that it makes the investigation much more affordable.
Surveillance hours can be targeted and selectively applied to the case during those times when we see our subject’s vehicle in an area that looks suspicious.  The customer does not need to purchase a huge block of surveillance hours and this greatly diminishes the cost of the investigation while at the same time increasing the likelihood for producing results.
The need for surveillance and general investigative services does not end once a divorce has been finalized.  The issues of Child Custody and Child Support are not set in stone and can be changed if the circumstances of the case change.  More and more, our office provides investigative services to clients and family law attorneys who have a need to document Co-Habitation, Current Employment, Financial Income, or Lifestyle Issues such as drug use or alcohol abuse during the parent’s time of custody.  We use a wide variety of investigative techniques to produce evidence that can strengthened our client’s case for custody or rebut statements made to the court by a spouse regarding income, employment or the care being provided to the children during their time of custody. 

Cheating spouse cases in San Diego, Ca. present unique challenges that only a local,  San Diego based Private Investigator can deal with successfully.  Being familiar with crossing the border, the hotels, beaches, Gaslamp district and corporate areas increases the likelihood of producing good results in San Diego.  Using a local investigation company with multiple investigators residing throughout the county enables the investigators to respond on short notice and be in position quickly.  We can also “spot-check” the subject and perform unschedulled brief drive by surveillance checks without notice.  The level of service that an out of town, national company could provide is not even comparable to that of a local investigator.  Most of the big national firms are unfamiliar with the intricacies of San Diego County and they usually “sub-out” the surveillance assignment to someone who drives down from Los Angeles or Orange County. 

Western Investigations is San Diego based and we provide our customers with the cell phone numbers of the local field investigator working with assignment so frequent, real time updates are available.  Being local to the county along with the free-flow of client communication has resulted in a high success rate.

There are many different phrases that are used by people to describe our services relating to a cheating spouse investigation.   Some clients refer to it as their husband having an affair or their wife having an affair.  Other clients refer to it as a “domestic issue”. Some of our clients have a difficult time even saying the words and simply mentioned marriage problems as opposed to marriage infidelity investigator. 

We understand how difficult it is for some people to talk about a cheating spouse investigation.  As a private investigator who specializes in catching a cheater in an extra-marital affair, we have had countless talks with customers on the subject of infidelity investigations. It has been our experience that regardless of what you call it, one thing is important when it comes to infidelity investigations and that is the need to know for sure!!

We recognize that California is a “no fault” state when it comes to divorce, but that does not diminish the need to know that any normal person would have concerning a possible cheating spouse.  It’s ok to want to know what’s going on!  When it comes to the divorce process and family law matters, surveillance continues to be a useful tactic to produce evidence that is helpful and admissible in family law courts. 

Western Investigations understands the sensitive nature of domestic investigations.  We realize how important spousal investigations are to those involved in the marriage relationship.  With this in mind, we conduct every investigation with confidentiality and respect for the customers´s concerns and suspicions.  We take our responsibility very seriously because we know how important these matters are to those involved. 
We specialize in Family Law Cases and Cheating Spouse Investigations in San Diego.
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