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Patrick R. Schneemann is the owner and founder of Western Investigations, a San Diego based private detective agency.  Mr. Schneemann founded the company in 1996 after working as an insurance fraud investigator in San Diego County.  While working in insurance fraud, Mr. Schneemann spent literally thousands of hours conducting surveillance assignments, locating missing claimants, interviewing witnesses, and conducting general employer level investigations related to fraudulent insurance claims.  After spending 4 years working in the insurance fraud industry, he saw the need for quality surveillance and background investigations related to cheating spouse and family law cases.  In 1996, Mr. Schneemann founded Western Investigations to fulfill the need for high quality investigations relating to cheating spouse and family law, locating missing persons, backgrounds, and general business investigations. 

What Sets Western Apart

Western Investigations is a San Diego based detective agency and we handle a wide variety of cases.  What sets our company apart from our competitors is our ability to provide very personalized customer service.  We recognize that the service we provide is very important to our clients.  As a result, we provide our customers with direct contact to all our investigators working the investigations as it happens!  This philosophy, of making the customers needs, our needs has resulted in a high success rate for our investigations and also our company in general. 

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Our investigators are experienced and trained in how to conduct investigations in the most effective way possible.  We are professional, discrete, honest, and we understand the rules of evidence so that all of our investigations are conducted in a manner consistent with our potential testimony in court.  Our staff is also personable and most of us have families of our own and are able to empathize with our clients and what they are going through.  Reports are written and video and photographic evidence is handled in a manner so that the client is able to get the most out of the investigation. 

Patrick R. Schneemann  - Private Investigator and Television Host
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In 2006 Mr. Schneemann was casted to host a reality television show as a Private Investigator.   The show, “My Other Life” was produced for CBS and it involved finding long lost family members and re-uniting them in heart warming ways.  Mr. Schneemann used his expertise in locating missing persons and also dealing with emotional clients who were searching for people while hosting the television show.   The show took him all over the country and also around the world to find people.   One case took Mr. Schneemann and his wife to Vietnam where a nun was found working in an orphanage who had cared for a Vietnamese boy 30 years earlier toward the end of the Vietnam War.  The boy had been airlifted away from Vietnam as an infant and was raised in the United States.  Reuniting the boy (now 35) with the nun who cared for him and saved his life 30 years earlier was one of the highlight of Investigator Schneemann’s career. Only 5 episodes were produced, but the entire experience was rewarding and it dispelled the myth that Private Investigators are only involved in tearing families apart.  
“We are in the business of brining people together, not tearing them apart.”  Mr. Schneemann has been married for almost 20 years and he his wife have 6 children (#7 coming March 09) and brining families together is really what the job is all about.  Even on those Infidelity Cases where we obtain irrefutable, undeniable evidence of an affair, sometimes that is the first step in repairing the marriage.  Before anyone will change, they must first admit what’s going on and sometimes the only way they will admit it is to hire a Private Investigator.  The bottom line is this:  People need to know if something is going on, or if there is some other plausible explanation for the spouse’s behavior.

Western Investigations specializes in providing answers to questions!
Patrick R. Schneemann - On set in Columbus, Ohio
Patrick Schneemann in Vietnam locating and meeting
the Nun who saved a young boys life 30 years earlier.
Vietnam - Mr. Schneemann preparing to film the reunion.

Western Investigations is family owned and we are committed to preserving family relationships whenever possible.
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Western Investigations has a full time office staff available to take your calls at any time!  We understand that private investigations are not a “9 to 5 job” and at the end of every day, the office phones are forwarded to one of our investigators so that our potential customers can reach us after hours and on weekends.  
Surveillance investigators communicate with clients from the field.
Patrick Schneemann with his wife & 6 children.
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