Conducting Background Investigations in San Diego, Ca. can present some unique challenges.  First of all, San Diego has a very diverse population and our close proximity to the Mexican Border makes our city different from other parts of the country.   Secondly, San Diego is a “Navy Town” and we thrive on the Defense Industry.  Knowing the high tech areas of town, corporate areas, and defense contractor neighborhoods can make a big difference in doing a background investigation. 

When choosing a Private Investigator to conduct a background check in San Diego it is important to contact a local investigator with an office staff in the county.  A local private investigator has instant “on sight” access to San Diego Courthouses and County Agencies that maintain records relevant to Background Investigations.  A local investigator can also provide a more complete “picture” of the subject being investigated.  Quite frequently, it is necessary to conduct neighborhood level discrete canvasses of the area where the subject resides or perhaps even obtain a photograph of our subject and identify current employment.   

Western Investigations is a local “home grown” San Diego Detective Agency with investigators throughout the county.  Our ability to provide investigative services in this geographical area is unsurpassed.  
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There are countless internet companies out there who advertise for “instant background checks” and charge a nominal fee.  These companies simply take the information provided to them, process it through a few databases, and then spew it back to the consumer in the form of a template report.  The data is not analyzed or crossed referenced so that false hits can be ruled out or additional searches can be run.   Consumers are frequently left puzzled and not sure if the information they received pertains to the person they were inquiring about.  What most consumers do not realize, is that there is so much more to a background investigation than simply running public record database searches and summarizing those searches into a report.  Western Investigations specializes in Background Investigations and we have the experience and expertise to provide our clients with a broad “picture” into the life and personal history of our subject and/or corporation. 

A thorough Background Check always starts with access to public records and non-public databases.  These non-public databases are maintained by third parties that compile literally Billions (with a B) of records relating to virtually every citizen and/corporation in the United States.  Having access to this information is only part of the objective.  Analyzing the data and knowing the next database to run and how to cross-reference the information and/or partial information requires an expert and human analysis.
Every year, our office conducts hundreds of Background Investigations and the scope of those investigations varies from case to case.  Some clients simply want a Criminal / Civil search on the subject.  Other customers need a much more thorough search into the history of an individual or corporation.  Some of our clients require a comprehensive background investigation be conducted on themselves because they are applying for a Banking License or some other professional license. 

Whatever your needs are and whatever the scope of your background, Western Investigations can tailor our services to provide you with information you are looking for. 
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The need for background investigations has never been higher.   One of the pit-falls of a free market economy is that it seems to produce a lot of con-artists who know what to say and how to present themselves in a “trustworthy” way.   These con-artists have fooled even the most astute investors and business owners.  They appear in many forms;  sometimes as prospective employees, as credible business professionals, and sometimes they are even referred to us by trustworthy friends. 

Before hiring anyone, investing with someone or engaging in a joint venture or corporate acquisition, we recommend that a background be conducted at the beginning
of the relationship and before investing financially with someone who turns out to be ‘someone else’.  A background check performed by a licensed private investigator can save you an enormous amount of stress and money in the long run.
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