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A Private Investigator (such as San Diego Private Investigator Western PI) is a licensed detective or investigator working for private interest.  Private investigators are not employed by the state, federal governments or local municipalities.  The term “private” refers to a detective or investigator working in the private sector as opposed to the public sector.  Local, Federal, and State law enforcement investigators / detectives could also be referred to as “public” investigators because they are working for the public and paid with tax dollars. 

The need for private investigators in San Diego arises out of the fact that public law enforcement agencies are not equipped to handle the volume of work the public need to have investigated.  Moreover, much of the work performed by private investigators has to do with matters of importance to the general public and areas where there has been a violation of law.  San Diego Private Investigators frequently provide evidence and information as it relates Civil Law, corporate intelligence and general information. Law enforcement agencies have to prioritize the cases they handle based on what they deem to be in the best interest of the general public.  Private Investigators San Diego, on the other hand, work for profit and are able to give priority to clients who are willing to pay to have their cases worked.  

San Diego, California is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  With our close proximity to the border, the mountains, and beaches, San Diego is an extremely diverse city.  This one of a kind city can also present challenges to private investigators that only an experienced local investigator San Diego could deal with successfully.

San Diego, Ca. is well known as a vacation destination and a thriving convention city.  We host thousands of conventions every year and each convention and hotel / resort has its own set of unique protocols that a San Diego Private detective must be aware of while conducting the investigation. 
Knowing the cities residential neighborhoods, corporate areas, beach towns, and down-town hot spots is critical to conducting a successful investigation.  Also, occasionally cases that originate in San Diego end up crossing the border and going into Mexico.
Being able to cross the border into Mexico and feeling comfortable blending in and still getting evidence can make the difference in working the case. 

Using local, “home grown”, San Diego investigators on case assignments, be it surveillance, locates or background investigations greatly increases the quality of the investigation and the likelihood of producing the results needed by the customer.

There are several factors that one should consider when hiring a private investigator in San Diego. It is important that you look very closely at who you are hiring because if the detective makes mistakes or does not handle evidence the right way, they can do more damage to your case then good. We recommend that you consider the following when hiring a San Diego private investigator:

1. LOCAL - Perhaps the most important element of a successful investigation is having a local San Diego investigator work the case.  Just because a private detective agency claims to handle work in a particular geographical area, doesn’t mean they are local to the area.  In many cases these national P.I. firms take your money and then simply “sub-out” the work to an unlicensed “investigator” working under the table in that particular town.  It is always in your best interest to hire a detective that is based in the city where the investigation is to take place.   Being familiar with the area and the ability to use multiple investigators on short notice is a huge factor in the success of the case. 
2. LICENSED -   Ask the San Diego Private Investigator to see a copy of his or her State Issued Private Investigations license before hiring them to conduct any investigation.  Every private investigator should have a copy of their P.I. license readily available for viewing.  In most states, the department of consumer affairs governs the licensing of investigators and the license status as well as any complaints will be available to any consumers.  Click on the link below to go to the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in order to check any potential California PI. 

3. INSURED - Every private investigator in San Diego should have insurance certificates available for viewing.  Some states require a bond as well.  If the investigation company claims to have employees, then the law also requires them to have workers’ compensation insurance.  Ask to see both their liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance certificates so you know you are using a firm that is following the law.

4. PHYSICAL OFFICE - Having a physical office in San Diego is an indication of the stability of the company you are engaging.  It’s very important that the San Diego Private Investigation firm you are hiring be stable and still in business in the future if your case comes to court or simply needs to be re-worked a few years later.  The ability to meet with the investigator in the privacy and comfort of an office at anytime makes a difference in the case.  Be leery of any investigator working out of his/her garage or home office.  They may not be in business very long.
5. EVIDENCE HANDLING - The way evidence is handled can make a huge difference on the case.  Any physical evidence obtained during the course of the investigation needs to be handled and maintained in a way so that it is useful and admissible in the future.  Inquire with any San Diego Private Investigator as to how they handle and store evidence.  Is there a chain of custody log between the investigator in the field and the office?  Is the physical evidence logged in and stored in an evidence room under lock and key?   Under cross examination in court of law, a San Diego private investigator who works out of his/her garage may not be able to answer questions about evidence handling to the satisfactory of judge causing the evidence to be deemed inadmissible.
investigator a much higher probability of obtaining the results needed by the client.  Every field investigator should have instant access to pager cameras and internet access to track GPS units on vehicles.  The accessibility and convenience of GPS technology has literally revolutionized the way surveillance is conducted on domestic cases and many investigators San Diego fail to take advantage of it.

8. COMMUNICATION - Communication is one of the most important elements to a successful investigation.  Being an experienced  private investigator San Diego does not make one an expert on the specifics of your case.  More than likely, you are more of an expert than the investigator on the important issues of your case.  In most cases, the investigator should rely on you as the client as a valuable resource while working the case. This leads to a tremendous amount of communication. The San Diego investigations company should provide you with the cell phone number of all field surveillance investigators so you can call them directly while they are in the field working your case.  Email updates, text messages and frequent phone calls are trademarks of successful investigations.

9. REALISTIC -  One way to know if you are speaking to a professional who understands the “ins and outs” of the private investigation industry is whether or not he/she gives you realistic answers and expectations.  Make sure that you hire a San Diego Private Investigator who explains to you the challenges associated with working the case and gives you realistic expectations.  There is a fine line between being pessimistic and realistic. You want to hire an investigator who is optimistic and believes the job can be done, but one who also let’s you know the challenges associated with the case so that you are prepared for the outcome.  No professional should ever guarantee elements of the investigation that are out of their control.  A professional can, however, guarantee that the company will do what they say they are going to do and be in position when they say they will be there! That is within their control. 

10. TRUST YOUR GUT -  In the end, there is really no mathematical formula that one can use to help them determine if they are hiring an ethical, experienced, discrete, and professional investigator.  At some point you have to make your decision based on how you feel about the P.I. after hearing his/her answers to your questions and explain their services and pricing.  Make sure that the San Diego Private detective you are speaking to really understands your situation and are able to articulate the specific circumstances of your case as well as the objectives they are trying to accomplish.
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6. EXPERIENCED - Inquiring with the private investigator about their experience is very important.  Ask the P.I. about his/her experience in the field or area that you are in need of services.  Then listen to the answer.  Does the P.I. really know and understand the intricacies of surveillance or background searches or what’s involved in interviewing witnesses or locating individuals.  A sure sign of an inexperienced investigator is one who attempts to prescribe an investigative strategy before listening to you and understanding some of the specific circumstances of your case. 

7.  SPY EQUIPMENT - Make sure that the San Diego investigator you hire has access to the latest technology and discrete spy gear.  Far too many investigators San Diego are unable to accomplish the objectives of the case because they do not have access to the latest technological gadgets available on the market.  GPS devices and Micro - DVR (digital video recorder) units have greatly improved the quality of investigations and given the
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